AIT Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of the Asian Institute of Technology with operation capacity : 1500 m3/day was constructed in 2012 by the Ranhill Water Technologies (Thai) LTD (RWTT), with the concept of BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) Agreement.  As per the agreement dated 22 June 2011, RWTT would construct the plant, operate and maintain the plant duirng the payback period. The construction of the AIT WWP completed on 18 July 2012. Since then Ranhill has been runing the plant to treat waste water collected from AIT campus. On 1 January 2019 the waste water treatment plant ownership was transfered from RWTT  to AIT.  Since then AIT contracted RWTT to operate and provide maintenance service.

The WWTP collects the waste from the AIT campus both residential and academic area through 13 sewage pump located through out the campus and the treated water from the WWTP are then pumped back into the AIT canal system. The canal water in turn are used for watering the plants through out the campus through sprinkler system. And treated water helps to maintain the water level in canals and there by also helps to maintan aqua ecosystem in canals in dry season.

Volume of water treated at the WWTT

Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Total Annum
Total 2019 Vol./month (Cubic meter) 12,998 12,079 12,567 12,634 14,336 17,674 16,902 13,588 20,844 27,104 15,999 13,097 189,822
Total 2020 Vol./month (Cubic meter) 10,951 11,686 10,702 10,509 10,892 19,926 17,437 11,178 11,145 16,747  13811  11069 156,053
Total 2021 Vol./month (Cubic meter) 11751  12856