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Security service team ensures safety and security of students and staff with in the campus. The services is contracted  to a company who can provide sufficiently with a service mind to provide

  • Professional security service to protect and secure everything within the AIT campus
  • Static and mobile patrolling
  • Security Contingency Plan

Security services provided are listed below

  • Services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year including holidays.
  • Traffic management services
  • 12 security post for 24 hours surveillance & patrolling
  • 129 CCTVs in the academic area and students dorms, 35 CCTV in the staff accommodation area
  • Serves as call center during the non-working hours
  • Responds to emergency issues/request in the campus.
  • Transportation service to the clinic/nearest hospital in case of medical emergencies
  • Professionally advise AIT on all security issues
  • Protect and secure everything within the AIT campus
  • Coordinate security matters with neighbouring universities / communities / police
  • Support with all legal, regulatory requirements for accidents/incidents
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Security guard post (heavy metal barriers)
  • All CCTV cameras, time lapse video recording devices, camera controller devices, and communication devices are supervised by the security

To request any emergency maintenance or any medical concerns off working hours

  • Call to security at 02-524-6000

Important & Emergency Tel Numbers:

 AIT Medical Clinic:                                     

                               (Daytime):         02-524-5286

                              (24 hrs.):             089-075-4243

Taxi Service:                                     02-524-6300

Thammasat Hospital:                     02-926-9999

AIT Security + Fire + Ambulance: 02-524-6000