Solar Power Generation in AIT

Library Solar Panels
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The Asian Institute of Technology is dedicated to transforming into a “Botanical Garden Net Zero Campus by 2030.” In pursuit of this ambitious goal, AIT has established precise policy guidelines for Energy Efficiency and Conservation, where AIT is prudently working on various solar projects to be 100% renewable energy powered before 2030.

Our divestment policy includes a shift from traditional electricity sources to solar power. These directives prioritize the advancement of energy-efficient building designs and responsible resource management to maximize benefits while maintaining environmental sustainability. Additionally, the institution underscores the importance of incorporating green spaces within and around each structure, aiming to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and achieve full reliance on renewable energy.

Furthermore, this strategy seeks to boost productivity by encouraging the adoption of efficient building standards through the replacement of conventional electrical appliances with energy-efficient alternatives. One of the proposed projects involves upgrading the 30-year-old chiller system to a highly efficient VRF air conditioning system for improved energy conservation. Another prospective initiative entails the replacement of all inefficient lighting with LED fixtures across the campus buildings.

 (Energy) Policy Statement:

As per the AA-1-2-9 “AIT Sustainability Policy”  Annex-1, published on 8 Dec 2021
The AIT is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by reducing its energy use and switching to clean and renewable energy supplies.
(Energy) Goals:
1. To reduce the (non-residential) AIT’s electricity use by 15% in 2026 compared to 2022
2. To be sourced by 100% renewable electricity generation  by 2026 from 2022
3. To reduce fossil-fuel consumption by 15% by 2026 compared to 2022
4. To reduce overall energy expenses by 12% by 2026 compared to 2022
5. To be carbon neutral by 2040

AIT current existing solar power generation

  1. The Library building boasts a 50 KW capacity solar panel installation.
  2. The Energy building features a 12 KW capacity solar panel installation.

These installations serve the primary purpose of harnessing renewable energy, thereby diminishing the reliance on fossil fuels and curbing carbon emissions. The Library’s solar panels initiated power generation in November 2015, delivering an average annual output of 64,000 to 66,000 kW-h and resulting in an annual reduction of approximately 33 metric tons of eCo2. Meanwhile, the Energy building’s solar panels commenced power generation in January 2017, producing an annual average of 34,000 to 36,000 kW-h, leading to an annual reduction of 18 metric tons of eCo2. These initiatives exemplify AIT’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

AIT Ongoing project to install 1.5 MW roof top solar plant

BCPG Public Company Limited and the Asian Institute of Technology entered into a Power Purchase Agreement in May 2023. This agreement covers Photovoltaic Solar Rooftop Systems with a project duration of 20 years, exceeding the estimated 25-year lifetime of the solar power system. During the entire project period, BCPG is responsible for investment, operation, and maintenance.

BCPG has identified 31 locations for solar panel installation, providing a total capacity of 0.99 MW. Additional sites will be selected as needed to reach the targeted 1.5 MW capacity. This initiative is aimed at satisfying 18-20% of the campus’s electricity demand, underscoring AIT’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy solutions, while we embark to be a Net Zero Campus

AIT future plans : 4 MW Floating Solar Project

AIT is resolutely dedicated to the vision of becoming a Botanical Garden NetZero campus by the year 2030, demonstrating a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. As a significant stride toward this aspiration, AIT has formulated plans for a 4 MW floating solar project to be situated on the western edge of the AIT Campus reservoir. This forward-thinking initiative is slated to commence in 2024. By harnessing the power of solar energy through this innovative approach, AIT not only seeks to generate substantial clean energy but also exemplifies its pioneering spirit in addressing ecological challenges.

The choice to implement a floating solar project underscores AIT’s dedication to sustainable practices and carbon reduction, all while championing a more eco-friendly and renewable energy-focused future. These actions mirror AIT’s commitment to a cleaner, greener planet and inspire other institutions and entities to join the global drive towards sustainability.

AIT Library Solar Panels

Year/ unitJanFebMarAprMayJunJulyAugSeptOctNovDec
2016 / Kw-h6,193.807,878.209,278.308,979.009,278.308,979.009,278.307,246.606,132.105,542.305,268.404,886.80
2017 / Kw-h4,694.304,987.205,675.106,266.205,616.006,415.205,974.306,043.105,669.005,294.904,584.604,554.40
2018 / Kw-h4,362.504,832.805,281.805,796.405,552.105,935.505,471.905,433.605,709.305,377.104,785.604,471.60
2019 / Kw-h4,628.604,325.205,401.506,235.006,475.005,828.006,275.705,303.205,226.705,481.704,856.104,514.00
2020 / Kw-h4,255.904,930.406,128.405,949.206,371.206,458.906,624.205,843.405,453.904,369.404,935.704,796.50
2021 / Kw-h4,793.005,079.005,482.804,728.206,526.306,599.005,926.105,872.103,928.204,831.804,366.604,854.00
2022 / Kw-h4,975.704,398.505,160.106,088.006,296.706,546.905,908.905,321.604,755.804,991.204,538.605,002.90
2023 / Kw-h4,744.804,715.605,698.405,181.706,855.205,841.906,051.906,258.705,322.40   

Energy Building Solar Panels

Energy Building Solar Power Generation

Year/ unitJanFebMarAprMayJunJulyAugSeptOctNovDec
2017 / Kw-h508.66533.07552.94574.76502.90559.16537.28554.77550.55549.12377.79
2018 / Kw-h325.38476.36543.81535.50500.68523.81492.58506.44549.97543.20136.14513.60
2019 / Kw-h5354815606015865375795095178841,4961,477
2020 / Kw-h1,3101,2251,4391,4161,4701,4541,5221,4021,3631,1351,4381,073
2021 / Kw-h1391,1721,2201,2541,4701,4641,3401,3801,1321,255660760
2022 / Kw-h1,48839 8941,4161,4381,3271,2361,1591,3181,2601,426
2023 / Kw-h1,3771,2351,4601,2591,5251,2921,3541,4521,280