Landscape and Ground Maintenance


Landscape Maintenance team manages and maintains the gardens landscape and canal system around the campus. The service is contracted to a company who can provide overall aesthetically green and pleasing atmosphere to AIT and to sustain the landscape

  • Quality
  • Health
  • Perseverance

The service contractor provides and focuses on all the areas around the campus for

  • Improved landscape with new gardening designs and concepts
  • Maintain canals, sprinkler system and dykes
  • provide services is an environmental friendly way

Service Company ensures necessary preventive and corrective maintenance to the highest standards. Ensures services of the systems listed below and provides environmentally friendly  solutions in the event of any deficiencies.

  • Landscape planning and design
  • Landscape construction
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Designing, planting and arboretum areas cares’
  • Development and management of campus gardens
  • Producing and planting the trees, shrubs and ground covers
  • Installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems
  • Maintenance of land leveling, walkways, sidewalks
  • Sport fields and ground maintenance
  • Debris removal / Controller
  • Fertilizer producing system
  • Take care of the existing nursery in the campus

To request Corrective Maintenance*