Guidelines on AIT NO Smoking Policy

In compliance with the legal requirements of the law of Thailand and as issued by “The Ministry of Health”, dated 27th February 2017, Volume no. 19, which has classified “all universities are to be free of smoking areas type II and are declared as a tobacco-free area to protect the health of non-smokers and as per the law, smoking areas should be established/assigned”.

Please refer to the following link here for more details, as per Thai law

smoking_areas_ait (1)

Above image designed by AITSC

Kindly note the following information about  “No smoking Policy” implementation in AIT:

  • Signboards of NoSmoking Policy are placed at three entrance gates and also in other areas on the campus. Please note that the violators will be fined up to Baht 2,000 as per the law   
  • 10 smoking areas are assigned around the campus with a facility of ashtrays and sitting space. Refer to the attachment for assigned locations
  • e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited on campus and as per Thai law.
  • violators have confirmed penalties for the possession of e-cigarettes, users could be jailed for five years. Please refer to the below link here for more details.

For Interactive Google Map with assigned smoking area