AIT Walkway Facility

AIT campus has paved and tiled walk ways all round the campus for the AIT community to commute by bicycle or by walk.  The yellow highlighted lines in the picture above refers to the foot paths available in the campus main roads for the pedestrian to walk.

AIT Bicycle Parking Facility

AIT campus comprises of both the academic and residential area. AIT encourages the community members to commute using bicycles to promote the sustainability of the campus. Most of the community members including the students and staff commute using bicycle within the campus. Through out the campus we have many bicycle parking facility both in the academic areas and residential areas.

Here is the list of bicycle parking areas on the campus.

S. noLocationS. noLocationS. noLocation
1Entrance Gate, Inter LAB9Energy Building17Snack Bar
2Book store10Library18Student Union Office
3Near Travel office11ISE Building19cafeteria
4Admin Building12GIC building20ST5,ST6, ST12,ST10,ST9,ST7,ST3,ST6
5SERD building13AARM21AFE
6SET Building14EEM22AITIS
7Extension Building15Dorm A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K23Dorm U,V,W,X,Y
8AIT Solutions16OFAM24Biotechnology Building