AIT Water Usage


The Asian Institute of Technology is dedicated to transforming into a “Botanical Garden Net Zero Campus by 2030.” In pursuit of this ambitious goal, AIT has established precise policy guidelines for WATER CONSERVATION. These guidelines place a premium on the promotion of energy-efficient architecture and the conscientious use of resources to optimize benefits while upholding environmental integrity. Furthermore, the institute emphasizes the integration of green spaces in and around each building, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to complete reliance on renewable energy sources. This approach also aims to enhance productivity by fostering the adoption of efficient building standards.

(Water Supply/Resource) Policy Statement:

As per the AA-1-2-9 “AIT Sustainability Policy”, Annex-2, published on 8 Dec 2021

AIT is committed to conserving water, capturing water, and reusing it on campus. It ensures the university operates in a sustainable manner managing water consumption by using water efficiently, wisely and responsibly.

(Water Supply/Resource) Goals:

  1.  To reduce water usage by floor area 15% from 2022 baseline by 2026
  2.  To develop facilities to harvest 20% more rainwater and greywater in 2026 than in 2021

Goal 1: To reduce water usage from external sources by 20% in 2026 compared to 2021

  1. Through a communication plan to share with the campus community water performance.
  2. Through charging the consumer for the water used and inculcate a habit of responsible usage (with incentives).
  3. Through engagement and awareness programs with regular publicity campaigns.
  4. Through the implementation of a Management Information System to monitor consumption and measure and verify savings of water.
  5. Through reporting frameworks to report leaking taps and water valves.
  6. Through the replacement of old and damaged water pipes.
  7. Through the installation of more efficient water-management equipment.

Goal 2: To develop facilities to harvest 20% more rainwater and greywater in 2026 than in 2021

Through the creation of mechanisms and pipelines to collect and retain water in the AIT lake.

AIT Water Consumption


The Provincial Water Authority (PWA) is responsible for providing Water to the entire campus. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the campus has managed to achieve a 12.5% decrease in water consumption compared to the pre-COVID year of 2018 and the post-COVID year of 2022, thanks to the implementation of various water conservation measures, like revamping the major water supply system and replace place many main water valves from 2017 to 2022. For more details on projects click here .


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