Rules on Pets and Stray Animals

These are the rules and regulations about pets and stray dogs and cats on campus:

1. One effective measure to reduce the population of stray animals on campus is by disposing the garbage properly. The smell of an open garbage bag attracts dogs into coming to the campus. Tighten/close properly the garbage bag before dropping/putting it into the garbage collection bin. Never drop/leave the garbage bags outside the garbage bin/collection station.

2. Don’t feed/harbor the stray dogs and cats.

3. The current AIT Policies and Procedures on Housing and Accommodation stipulate clearly that

Tenants living in Houses 1 to 28 may keep household dogs or cats.

  • Dogs and cats must be registered with the CRSU, must be chained or caged when outside of the owner’s residence, and must be vaccinated regularly.
  • Tenants are at all times responsible for their dogs or cats. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of the terms and conditions of the lease.
  • Dogs and cats are not allowed in other housing units and surrounding areas.

Pet(s) are not allowed within the house/unit and its ground with the exception of House nos. 1 to 28. The residents of these houses have to take care of their pets properly including giving them regular vaccinations. When taking the pet dog for a walk on campus, the owner is responsible for securing the dog to ensure that it could not harm people. The dog should be chained and the mouth covered by a mask.

4. Report to for any violation of these Housing Policies.

5. Call the guard(s) nearest you and/or extension 02524-6000 when seeing a dog chasing people on campus or seeing any dog/cat behaving strangely.