Auxiliary Services


There are several shops on campus managed by Auxiliary services office, where you can get basic supplies for daily living, but quality and choice may be limited and prices may vary from local markets.

  • At AIT Arcade One will find a bakery (UFM Bakery), a shop that sells snacks and toiletries (Jammy Mart), a gift shop (Star Shop), a book and stationery shop (AIT Bookstore), a tailor (Aston Tailor), food shops (Thai Interfood) and (So Good), two beauty salons (Kung Salon and Chittinan Hair Dresser), a shop that provides Thai massage and therapeutic body treatments (Line Thai Massage), a commodities shop (Sari Sari) and a sustainability awareness merchandise shop (Chill Chill). Another restaurant, Pratu Mekong, beside the AIT Golf Course offers Thai cuisine.
  • A travel agency Travel Click is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building.
  • Laundry service (Vichai Laundry) is available at the ground floor of Dorm A.
  • Photocopy services are located at the following areas:  beside the Library and at SU Building.
  • Bicycle shop (Bike Shop) located beside Dorm J is selling brand new bicycles and accessories.  There is also a bicycle rental where the community can rent on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  • A beverages vending machine can be found beside the Student Affairs Office at the Administration Building.
  • Water vending machines are located near Dorm F, Dorm M, Dorm Q, Dorm T and strategic places besides bicycle shop, SVII, SVIII, ST5, ST6, ST9 and ST11.
  • Washing machines and dryer machines can be found at Dorms K, X, Y, ST5, ST6, ST9 and ST11.
  • There is also an express photo machine service (Fotomatic), a mobile top up machine and a weighing vending machine located at the second entrance of the AIT Cafeteria.