Our Services

OFAM main units

Maintenance Services

OFAM is responsible for maintaining and managing all mechanical, electrical, and architectural and security systems of the Campus. This includes emergency and preventative maintenance planning. Most of the maintenance work such as technical, landscape and ground, Janitorial, Security is outsourced, under the management of OFAM

Call Center/Client Reception/Public relations office

Call Center acts serves as the primary liaison between the campus community and Facilities Management staff.  All requests are received by the call center are then forwarded to the concerned service provider through Facility Infrastructure Management System (FIMS).

Conference and Event Support

The primary function of AIT Conference Center (AITCC) is to provide a elegant platform / space hold major academic events such as board meetings, graduation ceremonies, academic conferences, career fairs, student union events, , luncheons, dinners and  also holds special events for outside organisation as a source of revenue. AITCC is managed by the outsourced contract specialised in hotel industry. AITCC also has the facility of 90 hotel room for the participants to be accommodated during the events at AITCC.

Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are provides effective cleaning at regular intervals periodically to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of both office space and residential buildings on the campus. The cleaning services are provided at variety of space types including academic buildings, classroom, laboratory, research, clinic, residential, administrative, cafeteria and as well few indoor sports facilities.

Food and Auxiliary services

A wide range of local and international food is served at cafeteria and SU snack bar to serve the need of AIT international community. We also provide auxiliary services like book stores, saloon, laundry, drinking water dispensers, 24 hrs. Convenience store, Concessionaries, restaurants, coffee shops etc. within the campus.

Security Services

Security Services are outsourced to  protect, provide safety and support the people who live, work, study in the campus, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with an assurance of secure environment, with necessary safety initiatives, traffic and parking regulation enforcement, criminal investigations, lost and found support and 24 hour emergency accident/health support.

Facilities Management Administrative Office

Administrative office coordinated the operational management of all the units of OFAM, manages the overall operational cost & recovery, managed the contracted services operation, maintenance provisions procurement, accounts payable, interdepartmental billing, housing inventory, data acquisition, evaluation and reporting, the reporting of budget allocations and expenses, and departmental human resources duties.

Capital Projects

OFAM forecasts on the future prospects and needs of the campus and accordingly initiates, planning process, consultation, selection, designing, reviews and focus on execution and delivery of all projected renovations, infrastructure/energy upgrades, and major building maintenance initiatives on campus. Manages professional engineering support and technical coordination to the Facilities Management Offices as well as to other University departments.