Solar Generation in AIT

As of 2022, there are two locations in AIT where solar panels are operating: the library building and the energy building. The library solar panels started operating in November 2015 whilst the energy building solar panels started operating in January 2017.

Seen below is the most recent account of energy generated from the library solar panels in 2022, per month. 

The energy building solar panel data can be found in the image below, for the year 2022, monthly.

AIT Library Solar Panels

As of November 2022 for the library solar panels, the operating solar panels have saved:

  • 474 tons of carbon dioxide 
  • 26,166 trees through reductions in deforestation 
  • 190 tons of standard coal saved

Energy Building Solar Panels

Library and Energy Building Solar Panel Data

The library solar panels have a capacity of 50KW, with an average monthly generation of 5400kWh and yearly total energy generation of 64,800kWh. 

The energy building solar panels has an average monthly generation of 1500kWh and a yearly total generation of 18,000kWh.