Plan for More Campus Upgrades

Dear Members of the AIT Community,
In connection with the planned “Student Mall” (which has been approved by the board but still waits for the consent of TU), the following construction will go ahead, as it needs to be completed in time for the visit of HRH Princess, tentatively in September this year.
(1) Relocate the existing Police Station behind the AIT curved brick wall, to provide more decent space for the new sign board.
(2) The AIT sign board on the Paholyothin will be redesigned to make it more visible to the public.
(3) Footpath will be rebuilt from Paholyothin Road front, with a bicycle lane all the way to AITCC.
(4) A new modern bus stop will be built with bill boards for AIT’s publicity.
(5) A new Gate will be installed to replace the makeshift frame over the entrance near the guard house.
(6) A new tower clock, donated by AITAA-Thailand, will be installed over the walkway from the Admin to AITCC.
In addition, the following campus upgrades will be made over the same period:
(1) Admin Building will be renovated with a nice reception lobby on the ground floor. All service counters will be relocated around the center court. By the advice of the Board Chair, the existing spiral staircase will also be replaced by a more age-friendly staircase to the upper floor of the Admin Building.
(2) All the NZ Houses will be removed and the space turned into green area. Originally, the VPD wants to keep 2 houses but now decides to only reserve some space for energy-saving house.
(3) All rooms in the old wing of AITCC will be renovated.
(4) Rotten wood ceilings of the walkway in the academic areas will be replaced by nice vinyl strips.
(5) Korea House will be completely renovated.
(6) Photocopy shop will be relocated to the other side of the library close to the Physical Plant. Bicycle repair shop will be relocated near the 7-11 shop.
(7) A new student village will be built near the SOM building, and a new faculty/Staff complex is being planned near Somtum place using SCG/Heim  Japanese Technology.
(8) A new South Asian Restaurant may be set up at the same area as the former Vietnamese Shop.
(9) Remaining sports facilities will be upgraded.
(10) New landscape will be upgraded around the library and academic buildings.
(11) If budget permits, all roads in the campus will be relaid with asphalt.
(12) I am in discussion with L&E Public Company on the replacement of all lighting in AIT using LED technology. This requires some initial investment but the energy saving may be worthwhile.
This entire project may take about 6-7 months before the planned official opening of the Library. So please put up for any inconvenience this may cause.
Prof Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
AIT President
P.S. We thank AIT Solution for the final design of the Clock Tower and the Gate.

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